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Accuracy of JD Advising’s MEE One-sheets On February 2019 Uniform Bar Exam

Below we discuss the accuracy of JD Advising’s MEE One-sheets with respect to the issues tested on the February 2019 Uniform Bar Exam. Overall, we found that many of our predictions for the February 2019 Uniform Bar Exam appeared in our MEE One-sheets!

Accuracy of JD Advising’s MEE One-sheets On February 2019 Uniform Bar Exam

MEE Subjects

Agency and Partnership

JD Advising’s MEE one-sheets covered the majority of the issues in the Agency and Partnership question. Specifically, the One-sheets explain how to form a partnership. They also covered how partners may act with actual and apparent authority with regard to ordinary affairs in the partnership. They also covered how a partner may withdraw from a partnership at will.

Secured Transactions

The JD Advising MEE One-sheets covered a number of the issues in the Secured Transactions fact pattern. These include the different classifications of collateral, the elements of attachment, the different methods of perfection (including filing a financing statement), priority between a secured party and a judgment lien creditor, the requirements a secured party must abide by when disposing of collateral in the event of a default (i.e., timely notification of the sale and a commercially reasonable sale), and the remedies available to the debtor if the secured party does not comply with the aforementioned procedural requirements of UCC Article 9.


The MEE One-sheets covered the majority of the concepts in the Trusts question including discretionary trusts, spendthrift trusts, the rights of favored versus non-favored creditors, and duties of the trustee (e.g., duty of loyalty, duty of care).

MBE Subjects 

Civil Procedure

Civil Procedure is the most highly tested subject on the UBE. The MEE One-Sheets covered the majority of issues in the February 2019 Civil Procedure essay, including personal jurisdiction (general and specific), and subject matter jurisdiction.

Criminal Law

The Criminal Law question asked about specific theft crimes – larceny, embezzlement, burglary, and receipt of stolen property. None of these crimes appeared in our MEE One-sheets because the NCBE had never tested them on previous MEEs. The July 2009 exam tested attempted robbery and the July 2010 exam tested false pretenses. However, these were the only times that theft crimes appeared on the exam until February 2019.


JD Advising’s MEE One-sheets covered the primary issue in the Torts question – negligence. In particular, the MEE One-sheets also provide information about the applicable standard of care that a defendant owes to a plaintiff, actual and proximate causation, and comparative negligence.

On the whole, examinees who purchased the MEE One-sheets had a significant advantage going into the February 2019 Uniform Bar Exam. Notably, the One-sheets contain rules for issues that appeared in all but one essay question.  For Agency and Partnership, Civil Procedure, and Trusts the One-sheets reviewed almost every issue tested in those fact patterns! For the Secured Transactions question and the Torts question, the One-Sheets discussed at least half of the issues that came up on the exam. Overall, the Examiners continued with the trend of testing highly tested issues and we are delighted with the accuracy of JD Advising’s MEE One-sheets!

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