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Michigan Bar Exam Appeals – An Update in 2022

Michigan Bar Exam Appeals – An Update in 2022 We have not written extensively on the topic of Michigan bar exam appeals in a while and wanted to give a quick update on the current state of Michigan bar exam appeals. This post is co-written by Ashley Heidemann and Meagan Jabbori, partners at the Heidemann […]


Michigan Bar Exam Appeals Passage Rate on Steady Decline

Michigan Bar Exam Appeals Passage Rate on Steady Decline There has been a lot of disappointment (bordering on anger) in the legal community regarding the recent Michigan bar exam appeals passage rate. You can see for yourself by the chart above (and the numbers below) that the appeals passage rate has been on a steady […]


Should All States Allow Bar Exam Appeals?

Should All States Allow Bar Exam Appeals? The bar exam comes at the end of three years of studying in law school, thousands of dollars spent in tuition, and then even more time, money, and energy spent on expensive bar review courses. It is the last step for students on their way to finally becoming […]


Which States Allow Bar Exam Appeals?

Which states allow bar exam appeals? It is not clear the number of states that truly allow bar exam appeals. Many state websites are unclear or not updated. Further, some states have changed their bar exam appeals policy after adopting the UBE or changing their bar exam. However, based on the state bar examiner’s websites, […]


Update on July 2015 Michigan Bar Exam Appeals

For the July 2015 administration, ten people passed on appeal and we wrote five of the appeals. How do we know that ten people passed on appeal? Because the pre-appeals pass number released by the Michigan Board of Law Examiners was 493. The post-appeals pass statistics released by the Michigan Board of Law Examiners say that 503 applicants passed on appeals.* Update […]


Michigan Bar Exam Appeals Testimonials

We’ve recently received some testimonials from clients who we wrote Michigan bar exam appeals for. Below are some of those testimonials from the last few administrations. For the July 2017 Michigan bar exam, 11 appeals passed in the state of Michigan. We wrote 10 of them! Read more about that here. We also wrote 5 of […]


10 Quick MPRE Tips

10 Quick MPRE Tips There is a well-established approach to studying for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination, (aka the “MPRE”). Although similar to the bar exam, the MPRE differs from the bar exam because it only focuses on one topic – professional responsibility – and law students often take the exam before they graduate from […]