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This exam was recently released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) at the end of 2021.

These are the most recently released actual, official NCBE questions and they come in an exam format (with two sets of 100 questions per set!).

This set of MBE questions was released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) in their “MBE Complete Practice Exam” at the end of 2021. These are actual, official NCBE-released questions that are not offered by most commercial bar review courses.

The format of this exam is like the real MBE exam, with two sets of 100 questions. We also have a short answer key along with detailed answer explanations (provided by the NCBE) for each question posed.


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  • Our MPT seminar is perfect for those who have put off practicing the MPT! We cover actual official MPT questions and tell you how to approach the MPT the right way!

Please see a sample of what our MBE Mastery Class looks like here! (This also comes with a handout!)

Please see a sample of our MEE Mastery Class here! (This also comes with a handout!)

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Let me just say that these are a GODSEND. Memorize these and you’re better equipped to handle the MEEs (especially if you also memorize the MBE one sheets). Easily scored a 280 with these and with a high score in the MEE section too!

Honestly, 10 days before the bar I was behind on Barbri’s course schedule and freaking out. I said screw this, bought these, and they put me 7 points above passing. Buy them.

Hi again. I just wanted to follow up from our previous email about the MEE one-sheets.


I missed the July NY UBE by one point. My study plan for the February exam was drastically different than for the July exam. I work full time as a judicial law clerk and just didn’t have the time to devote to the grueling hours of lecture videos. I enrolled in Kaplan’s repeat course but truthfully I hardly ever logged in besides just to practice multiple choice questions at night before bed. I bought your One Sheets and they were the ONLY materials I studied from. No outlines, no lectures, just the one-sheets. These are an outstanding resource and I just wanted to say thank you. I passed the UBE and it wasn’t even close. I cannot speak more highly of them and will continue to recommend my friends to you guys.

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I took the July 2021 Bar Exam and scored a 258. I knew that in order to pass the exam I would need to change the way I studied and prepared. JD Advising offered private tutoring at an affordable rate and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity. I was paired with Albert who simplified complex problems in every area that is tested on the bar. Albert also helped me strengthen my writing skills with weekly essays, randomized pop quizzes (highly effective), and provided coaching and encouragement that gave me the mental edge I needed to succeed on the February 2022 exam. I scored a 295 in February which is a 37 point increase from July! I can’t thank Albert and JD advising enough for helping me realize my dream of becoming a licensed attorney. I HIGHLY recommend their services for first-time and re-takers. It’s the best money you’ll ever spend!

When it came time to figure out how to pass the bar this time around, I knew I needed the best help available. I credit my tutor Racheal and the JD advising materials for passing on my second try. I was just sworn in today and I am so grateful I went with JD advising. The money seems like a lot on the front end, but for me, today, it feels like the best money I ever spent.

I would highly recommend JD Advising to anyone taking the bar exam- far superior to the commercial review courses. I only wish I had found them my first time around! My scores were always about eight-ten points shy of passing, but my MBE score needed improvement. I did one private tutoring session with James and it really gave me the confidence and push I needed. The outline was so manageable and leaps and bounds better than any material Barbri provided. James answered all my questions and went through the outline with me in a way that helped me hone in on what was most important. He also provided little tips for memorizing certain tests. James graded and provided feedback on two essays which was very helpful.

Even though I only did one session/subject, I was able to use what I learned and apply it to other subjects to study smarter, not harder. This was crucial as I had an infant and could not devote endless hours to studying. With the help of JD Advising and James, my MBE score went up 23 points and I now have a passing UBE score in every UBE jurisdiction!